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Moraenae Market mission tour [First tour operation]

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When we talk about Korea, we imagine the modern city and technology but for me when it comes to Korea, the traditional side more fun to explore. Have you imagine to visit the traditional market in Korea? This is the right timing to experience it with us!

Last week was the first operation of Moraenae market mission tour, this market is located in Incheon. We gather all 20 travelers. All of them said it was their first time to visit traditional market in Korea. For me I could say Moraenae market are like other market in Seoul but the food was too amazing and they also have their local signature foods, also famous with Nengmyeon (Cold noodle).

From Hongdae we have our private bus directly to Moraenae market, the journey took around 40 minutes and when we arrived at the market, we went to the Moraenae office to meet the director and also to play some games. We played “yutnori”Korea traditional games to decide with team will going to start first. We also pick the team randomly.


The winner of yutnori games could start the mission early 5 minutes than other group, the first mission is to buy some traditional food and find some stationery. I also need to follow the group to help them complete the mission. I was so happy to see our travelers bravely asked local people and asking their help in order to complete the mission. I could see the good communication between two side, even our travelers cannot speak Korean very well and local people also cannot speak English very well but they still fine use the body language.



After complete the mission, we have free time around 1 hour to explore the Moraenae market. We enjoyed explored the whole market, took lot of pictures and ate lots of local food. I had been to many local market in Seoul but I could say that Moraenae has their own trademark and good environment, this market like a main market in Incheon. I would like to suggest this market  to everyone who would like to explore Incheon.



After Moraenae market, we also got a chance to explore Incheon area then the next destination we went to Sudoguksan Museum of housing and living. This museum It exhibits reproductions of various scenes of daily life from the 1960s and 1970s of Korea. This museum is one of attraction of Incheon and personally I really enjoy inside, this museum really flash back the old memories of living in the past, the house design, the display absolutely look real and classic. Visited this museum, I could memorized some of my childhood memories.



The last stop of this exploration is G-Tower, probably my favorite highlight, we enjoy the sunset at G-Tower. It was so amazing to see the sunset. After the mission, can’t believe we could enjoy many things in Incheon, all travelers seems really satisfied with the tour and also same goes to me.


After experience several places, it really change my perception of Incheon, because when we talk about Incheon, we only imagine airport or chinatown but Incheon are beyond than that! Many good places to explore and experience. What you waiting for? Let’s join us and enjoy explore Incheon. Let’s play Incheon!


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신포살롱과 함께한 ‘좋아요 인천 페스티벌’

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지난 일요일 첫번째 play planet!

인천 신포동에서 신포살롱과 빅워크 그리고 7명의 여행자가 함께 걸으며 지역을 깊이 보는 커뮤니티 투어를 하였습니다. 어떤 여행자들과 어떠한 재미난 경험을 나누었을까요? 사진으로 미리 만나는 여행 이야기! 🙂

*사진을 클릭하면 이미지를 보다 크고 선명하게 슬라이드쇼로 만나실 수 있습니다! 😉


2012.05.27.SUN.2PM Travel to Like Incheon Festival

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Hey, traveling to Korea? Here is cool~ travel experience with cool people! – have fun with creative young people on your trip!

 Travel to ‘Like Incheon Festival’ 

walk + community + giving
When  l 2012.05.27.SUN. 2PM
Where l @Incheon station 
Tour Fee l 36,000won

  • Let’s meet up! Travel to ‘Like It Incheon Festival’!
When  l 2012.05.27.SUN. 2PM
Where l @Incheon station 
Tour Fee l 36,000won (including dinner, 1 tea, ‘Like Incheon’ T-shirt, local tour guide + smile)
  • program 
-walk to real Incheon where the past and the present coexist
-taste original Jjajangmyeon which is the most popular food in korea &  take drink a tea at Naktasamak(Camel Desert), the hidden place where Incheon indi artists love
-enjoy flee market and performance with creative young artist
  • How we play planet?!
1. Walk. 
We walk! Walking, it’s the best way to see the place you visit. You will meet the real people and discover the real experience on your travel.
2. Community
While walking tour, you will visit community in which local young people are playing creative project like musical performance, exhibition to revitalize the community, Sinpodong in Incheon.
3. Giving
You share your walking with children who are in need of leg. While walking on the tour, you can download ‘bigwalk’ application and it automatically counts  your walk. And it’s donated to the children so that they can have a leg. We imagine children’s smile and have a walking tour together with travelers who shared their walking for children in need of leg.
See you – 2012.05.27.SUN.2PM
Meeting place – @Incheon station (Line no.1)
Tour fee – 36,000won 
Contact –  
meeting place @Incheon station (Line no 1)
flree market with Sinposalong which is the community of local young creative people
Incheon China Town
street performance
taste street food 😉
take a walk, enjoy saturday afternoon
discover the hidden story on while walking
enjoy the view of Incheon sea with cool drink @ Naktasamak
wanna join?
see you on sunday!  😉