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[Photo sketch ] “Let’s playplanet INDONESIA” Exhibition

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As some of you would may already know, playplanet had “Let’s playplanet, INDONESIA” exhibition.


by Benjamin low photograghy (
582370_555203844512819_1829915714_n (1)
by Benjamin low photograghy (

The exhibition was mainly composed of photos taken at Indonesia.
Four Indonesian friends really contributed to this exhibition with high-quality photographs, writings and music which could really show the genuine aspects of Indonesia.




playplanet also prepared little cute stamps so that guest can freely use and write whatever they want to about playplanet and the exhibition.



This is Sun whose eyes always beaming whenever she talks about orangutans and Borneo Island. She is explaining enthusiastically about her affectionate story with orangutans at Borneo Island in Indonesia. She also introduced Edy who is currently working in Tanjung Puting National Park always being eager to host playplanet travelers for the eco-tour in Indonesia.

IMG_1645  And this is Novi, a copywriter in Indonesia who is now telling stories about the photos she took in Solo and Bromo Mountain, the places she emotionally attached.


I guess everyone seem to be really into her stories.
(We would like to share Novi’s photographs and writing : here )


At the exhibition, we met many friends and enjoyed our time together.
Some of them looked over the contents of playplanet’s website that is still actively in progress and developing.






And these are comments the guests left and some of them with stamps on !


haha 🙂





Let’s playplanet !

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Homecoming party with How2Company & Borneo Project

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This time, playplanet joined joyful homecoming party with How2Comany !

395500_437605192974810_1621062069_n (1)

The homecoming party was held at the beautiful and cosy guest house, V-mansion located in Sangsudong, Seoul. (more about V-mansion, see )

V-mansion in Seoul

How2company is ‘co-creation platform of creative’ which aims to collaborate with diverse range of people to create better world together. Currently, How2company is  focusing on the web design and web platform creation.
( How2company site : )

Co-founder of How2comany introducing the business and stories of it.

Borneo Project

In this party, playplanet introduced the new project about the Borneo Island in Indonesia , the main inhabitat of Orangutan but now in danger to be destroyed due to heavy logging and planting palm trees for palm oil instead.

Sun, founder of playplanet, introducing Borneo Project and Orangutan.

playplanet believes by sustainable tourism we can support the preservation activity going on in Borneo Island and also we could find way together to travel Borneo in eco-friendly way such as not using soap made from palm oil, also heightening the conception to preserve nature including Orangutan.

Furthermore, playplanet asked for cooperation from How2company and gathered people (who were mostly designers) to participate in promoting Borneo Project by designing Orangutan eco t-shirt or other creative ways that would be possible.

Novi, a warm copywriter from Indonesia, telling stories about her homeland.

The Last picture is with playplanet friends from Indonesia.


Let’s playplanet !

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One Fine Day When I Met Loro Blonyo


One Fine Day When I Met Loro Blonyo

Loro Blonyo를 만난 어느 멋진 날 

 It was the day after New Year when I met Loro Blonyo. It was the day when I learned about living in harmony. About letting go. About surrendering. About making peace with yourself, with the universe.

1월2일, Loro Blonyo를 만났다. 그 날 나는 조화를 이루며 살아가는 법을 배웠다. 놓아주는 법, 져주는 법, 모든 만물과 평화롭게 사는 법을 배웠다.


It was the day when I learned a lot from Solo – an old city in Central Java – Indonesia. Where I learned more from someone old and thoughtful. Where I learned something new from old people.

인도네시아 중앙 자바에 있는 솔로라는 도시에서 많은 것을 배운 날이다. 생각이 깊으신 어르신들에게 많이 배운 곳이다. 그들에게 무언가 새로운 것에 대해 배운 곳.


It was the day when Solo taught me about living slowly. Enjoy life as much as you can. Enjoy it slowly like when youeat your favorite meals, you always want to enjoy every taste melting peacefully in your mouth.

천천히 여유를 가지고 살아가는 법을 배운 날이다. 최대한 인생을 즐기며 살아가는 법을. 제일 좋아하는 음식을 먹는 것처럼 천천히 즐기면서 말이다. 입 안에서 서서히 녹아버리는 모든 맛을 즐기고 싶어하는 것처럼 인생을 살아가야 한다고 배웠다.


It was the day when the symbol of The Goddess Sri and God Wisnu, who’s been living with Javanese culture for a long time, taught me again about looking deeper into yourself. As the girl who grew up in modern Javanese Culture, sometimes I take things for granted. That day, I needed to dig deeper meaning about the symbol itself. Something beyond myself, yourself and themselves.

자바 문화에 녹아있는 스리와 비슈누 신(The Goddess Sri and God Wisnu)의 상징에 대해 배운 날이다. 내 자신의 내면을 깊이 들여다보는 법을 말이다. 현대 자바 문화에서 태어나 많을 것을 당연시 받아들이고는 했다. 나는 그날 좀 더 깊이 생각해보게 되었고 나뿐만이 아닌 다른 이들에 대해 생각하게 되었다.


Yes, it was the day when I realized, I almost knew nothing about my culture (I thought I knew a lot about it, because I’ve been living in Javanese Culture since my childhood).

어렸을 때부터 자바 문화를 접하며 살아왔기에 자바 문화에 대해 많이 알고 있다고 생각했었는데 그렇지 않다는 것을 깨닫게 되었다.

Image Then, it was the day when I fell in love again with my culture, with the people, and myself after all.

그날 나는 나의 문화와 자바인들 그리고 나 자신에게 다시금 푹 빠져버렸다.


That day, One Fine Day When I Met Loro Blonyo.

그날이 내가 Loro Blonyo를 만난 날이다.


 Novi Kresnamurti

*Loro Blonyo : Some literatures said that Loro Blonyo is a Symbol of Goddess Sri- the God of fertility and God Wisnu- the God of Sustenance. For most Javanese people, Loro Blonyo is not only a "friend" of farmers but also a "guardian angel" for every family. It's a symbol of healthy relationship. 
*The word of "Harmony" really hit me that day. It reminded me again about how Javanese people live their life. But, I also learned that "Harmony" also including how to keep the balance, let go and also surrender. It's not only about ourselves, it's about how to live in harmony with other people and the universe.
*Loro Blonyo: 비옥함의 신인 스리 신과 보존의 신인 비슈누 신의 상징으로 여겨진다.자바인들에게 Loro Blonyo는 농부들의 후원자일 뿐만 아니라 모든 가족들의 수호천사이다.
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INDONESIA – The Artist , ‘thedyingsirens’

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About ‘thedyingsirens’


thedyingsirens는 2002년부터 Pugar Restu Julian(Uga)에 의해 진행되고 있는 자카르타의 인디 락 뮤직 프로젝트입니다. Uga는 C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell 등의 라디오 헤드 커버 밴드인 pop up의 창시자이기도 하며 Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, Sore, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Sugarstar 등 여러 인디 밴드의 드럼 연주자로써 활동을 하고 있습니다. Thedyingsirens는 Uga 혼자 시작하였지만 점차 다른 뮤지션들이 모여 공연을 하고 레코딩 작업을 하며 만들어 졌습니다.

thedyingsirens is an indie rock music project from Jakarta, lead by Pugar Restu Julian (Uga) since 2002. He was a drummer and a founder of pop up, C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell (Radiohead cover band). He was also an additional drummer for many indie musicians/bands from Jakarta, such as Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, Sore, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Sugarstar and etc.   thedyingsirens begins with Uga himself then gradually changes to be a musical collective involving many different musicians on stages or during the recording process.


1. “the dying sirens” (October 2003)

 2. OST “Thank You and Good Night Mother”, a semi documenter film about local surfers in Indonesia by Ivan Handoyo (April 2006)

3. Compilation album “Paviliun Do Re Mi” (May 2006)

4. Limited CD EP “kapalku telah pergi” (Nov 2006) sirenesekarat records

5. Album “Sketches of a Humming” (Des 2006) sirenesekarat records / paviliun records

6. Indonesian Noise – Make Trade Fair”(Jan 2008) Compiled by Teguh & Aditbobo Bonus Kawanku no.01/2008, Not For Sale

7. Single ByeBye, free download (14 Feb 2009)

8. Single Lovely Eyes, free download (26 Oct 2011)

9.Split Album thedyingsirens – pop up (12 Dec 2012)

thedyingsirens on stage:

Pugar Restu Julian (drums, cajon, bass, guitars, tamborine, vocals)

Branandi W Madya K (guitars)

Olivia Imelda (vocals, tamborine)

Dhendy Mawardi (guitars, vocals)

Pronky Karamoy (bass)

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let’s playplanet ‘INDONESIA” – Description

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 “Let’s playplanet INDONESIA” Exhibition 


Take 1#

101_0145 (2)

As I was digging the sand with my barefoot, my friend was busy taking different pictures of the setting sun. A few fishermen had just coming back from the open sea, bringing home the catch of the day. Some of the fish had been for that night’s family dinner and the rest were to be sold at the local market. We were waiting for a small motor boat to take us across to our weekend destination.

내가 맨발로 모래를 훑고 있는 와중에 친구는 해질녘의 풍경을 사진으로 남기느라바빴다. 어부는 가족들을 위해 넓은 바다에서 싱싱한 해산물을 잡아와 일부는 끼니로 때우고 나머지는 시장에 내다 파려고 하나보다. 우리는 작은 배가 와서 주말 동안 가 있을 목적지에 데려다 주기를 기다리고 있다.


Take 2#


I once lived in this quite small island called Nias, off the west coast of Sumatra. When I stayed there the people of the island were still struggling to re-build their life after a big earthquake hit in early 2005. Despite the state it was in at that time, the island is a diamond in a rough. A megalithic culture combined with mesmerizing beaches.

 나는 수마트라섬 서해안에 있는 작고 조용한 니아스 섬에서 살았었다. 2005년에 발생했던 지진 복구 작업 때문에 주민들은 여전히 고군분투하고 있다. 그런 상황에서도 니아스 섬은 가공되지는 않았지만 아름다운 다이아몬드 같았다. 거석문화와 넋을 잃을만큼 아름다운 해변가가 너무도 잘 어우러진다.

 Take 3 #



The job I was required to do in Nias was tough. Relaxing on day-off was needed to keep me sane. A weekend getaway usually means getting out from the hectic daily routines to a destination that offers serenity and relaxation. But when you already are in that very type of place: a tropical island with rows of coconut trees along the seaside, where else can you go? You go to an even more serene and relaxing place. It was Asu Island for us. A place where the sand are white and fluffy, the water is clear as ever, and the lobsters are cheap. It felt like it was a small peace of heaven.

 니아스 섬에서 내가 해야 했던 일은 생각보다 어려웠다. 하루쯤은 쉬어야 정상적으로 일할 수 있었다. 주말에는 정신 없는 일상에서 벗어나 평온을 찾고 휴식을 취하고는 한다. 해변을 따라 코코넛 나무가 펼쳐져 있는 열대 섬에서 살고 있다면 어디로 가겠는가. 더 고요하고 편안한 곳에 가려고 하지 않을까. 이 곳 사람들에게는 Asu섬이 그런 곳이었다. 솜털 같은 흰 모래와 모래알이 훤히 내다 보이는 맑은 물, 바다가재가 저렴한 그 곳. 마치 천국과도 같은 곳이다.

 Take 4 #

101_1542a“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”  — Anna Godbersen, The Luxe

  You know it’s a good day when it ends with a good sunset. The night took over, the sky was littered with small silvery stars. It was time for dinner next to a bonfire and good conversation with friends.


첫사랑의 울림은 저녘노을과도 같다. 주황색, 진주 빛 분홍색, 강렬한 보라색의 찬란한 빛깔과 같은. — Anna Godbersen, The Luxe

아름다운 해질녘으로 하루를 마감하는것만큼 좋은 것이 있으랴. 밤하늘에는 은빛 별들이 흩어져 있다. 친구들과 모닥불에 둘러앉아 대화를 하며 저녁을 먹을 시간이다.


 # Noka Prihasto, Indonesia  ‘s photo story