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Try something new this weekend!

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As the colors of the leaves change in autumn, you, too should change…your typical daily life. How about doing something new this weekend? We’ve got unique local activities you and your friends can experience only here in vibrant Itaewon.

pub tour_playplanet Always hanging out at the same pub every Saturday? Always drinking the same beer? How about hanging out at FOUR different pubs, drink FOUR new beers, and experience a Halifax-style pub tour? You just might discover a new hang out place! –>

night walk_playplanet Saturday dinners usually end with a full stomach and a tasty dessert or coffee. How about taking a night stroll along the Namsan mountain after having dinner with a new Korean friend? Good food + new friends + amazing night view= MEMORABLE SATURDAY NIGHT. –>

kahlua making_playplanet (2)Have you tasted all the new flavors of soju? Still looking for a new kind of alcohol? We’ve got the perfect answer: KAHLUA. This coffee liquor will be your next favorite alcohol ’cause not only is it yummy, but you also get to brew a batch all by yourself! –>

korean sauna_playplanetStill haven’t tried a traditional Korean sauna? Now is your chance! Take the ultimate challenge of getting scrubbed down by a Korean ahjumma or just chill out with your towel hat, boiled eggs, and Korean rice drink. Whichever you want, this will definitely be an experience to remember.–>

Change the way you spend your weekends! Grab your friends and try something new for the first time. 😀

For more awesomeness, click here.

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Itaewon Weekends 3.0 [Travel the World in 3 Days!]

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Hi! Hola! Mabuhay! Annyeonghaseyo!

Itaewon Weekends is back!

Let’s travel the world in 3 days!

Playplanet has found local hosts from around the world who can offer local authentic experiences for you guys! Let’s all gather in Itaewon, Seoul, on September 18-20, 2015 and try new experiences, meet new friends, and have an awesome weekend!

We have an amazing line-up of activities waiting for you! Check them out!


Eat with Locals![Philippine Food Teaser/ September 18, 7:30pm]


Already tried Japanese, Chinese, or Thai food? How about trying Philippine food for dinner? Enjoy a belly-filling meal complete with interesting stories about Philippine pop culture and secret insider travel tips from our charming local host, Jescia! You’ll love the food and have a lot of laughs for sure!


Drink with Locals![Halifax- style Pub Crawl/ September 19, 4:00pm]


Looking forward to the weekend so you can drink a couple of beers? Why don’t you do a light pub crawl, Halifax-style? Our cool Canadian local host Kevin, will recommend the best beers in the best pubs in the best place to be this Saturday-Itaewon!


Cook with Locals! [Mexican Cooking Class/ September 20, 11:00am]


Craving for real Mexican food? Tired of the same old taco? Let’s cook real Mexican food like it’s meant to be- with a lot of love and flavor! Join our bubbly local host Mariana as she teaches us how to make tasty local dishes from her beloved country. You’ll not only cook together but dine together with new friends as well!


Make with Locals![Dreamcatcher Craft Class/ September 20, 1:00pm]


This dream catcher- making craft class lets you express yourself in a new and unique way! It’s easier than you think! Momo, our artsy local host will make sure you make a dream catcher perfect for your bedroom or as a present for friends or family. Friendship bracelets are overrated, make a dream catcher instead!


Relax with Locals![Korean BANG Tour/ September 20, 4:30pm]

5‘Bang’ means room in Korean, and this tour will bring you to the most relaxing room- the jjimjjilbang (sauna)! This ‘bang’ represents Korea’s unique culture as there are special customs and food to eat while relaxing in a jjimjjilbang. There’s also a noraebang (karaoke) which can surely blow off your stress away! Join Momo and new friends in this fun but relaxing experience!


Explore with Locals![Urban Discovery: Haebangcheon Tour/ September 20, 5:45pm]


What an amazing view, isn’t it? This is in Haebangheon, Itaewon! Our friendly local host Melody, will guide you on a fun and informative walking tour of Haebancgcheon, the next cool spot to be! Explore the charm of this small village with good food and company that ends with a spectacular view of Seoul from the Namsan walking path. A truly breath-taking way to end your awesome weekend, isn’t it?


Walk with Locals![Itaewon Alley Tour/ September 30, 8:00pm]


Everyone knows Itaewon for its various pubs and restaurant. But did you know that it has a different side too? Explore the other side of Itaewon with the help of Youngdong, Itaewon’s resident local alley guide! He knows everything about this famous area, from its history to its art, culture, and other hidden gems you wouldn’t know existed. After this tour, you’ll surely see Itaewon in a whole different light.


Do something different this weekend! Reward yourself from a stressful week with our fun and unique local activities made by our awesome local hosts.

Travel the world in Itaewon.

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Want to try something new? Let’s play an ANTARA!

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There was a PlayPlanet Travel at Itaewon on a scorching hot day!

This time we went to PERU which is located in South America!

Before we went on a long journey we had to fill our stomach!

This delicious looking taco was made by Samson, owner of Tiger House Guesthouse.

First of all, this is our local host, Oscar Pajares from Peru.

He started our journey with an introduction about his beloved country.

Unlike South Korea,  Peru has hundreds of different types of potatoes.

We couldn’t believe there was this much! :O

Their price varies from $1 to $20 per 1kg.

Peru has three different topographies. It consists of a coastal plain in the west, high mountains in the center and a jungle area in the east that leads to the Amazon River.

This is why their music and food have different characteristics in each area.

This is a picture of Macchu Picchu! Oscar has been here 10 times already but he felt differently each time.

It is a beautiful place which surely can’t be described in words.

This is his hometown and all the antaras we used were made with the bamboo grown there.

There are 3 names for antara but we wont tell you!

You can find it out if you join our trip! 😉

After Oscar’s informative presentation, we started the antara class!

Oscar saying ‘ Make a little circle with your lips and blow hard!’

It was similar to playing a flute but it wasn’t easy to make a melody by moving our lips from left to right.

We also easily ran out of breath!

 All of us decided to practice the Arirang song, which was familiar to all of us.

We listened to Oscar’s performance first and practiced on our own.

We had to stand in front of the wall in order to hear our sound more clearly.

This really helped us not to get distracted by other’s sound.

How about going on a trip to PERU with Playplanet next time?

Stay tuned for our next scheduled trip to Peru!

Experience Peru in our platform! →

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Itaewon Weekends 2.0 [Travel to North and South America!]

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Hi, guys! Thank you for supporting our first Itaewon Weekend Travels last June. It was a blast!

Now, this July, where will we head off to next?


playplanet Itaewon weekends 2.0That’s right! Let’s travel west and discover the beauty of the Americas. Here are our upcoming trips we’re sure you’d love to try!

playplanet peruImpress your friends with a new skill- playing the antara! Discover more about Peru while learning how to play one of their traditional instruments from a well-renowned Peruvian musician, Oscar Pajares. Check it out —>

playplanet dreamcatcherHaving bad dreams lately? Don’t worry! Learn how to make your very own dream catcher  and attract only good dreams. 🙂

Check it out —>

playplanet mexico cooking classEveryone loves Mexican food, right? They’re everywhere! But some of them aren’t the real cusina mexicana. Take a cooking class from a native Mexican and learn how to make a real juicy taco!


Check out our other awesome experiences hosted by real locals at

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Let’s Play Ethiopia!

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Today, Playplanet launched a new experience called the Ethiopian Food Teaser! Helina, our local Ethiopian host, introduced her beloved country through their local food and their special coffee ceremony. She took us to Sinbad’s Kitchen in Itaewon, where they have authentic Ethiopian food. All of us were curious, excited, and hungry! 🙂

e10We didn’t have any idea about what to eat, so Helina patiently explained to us the food choices. All of them looked delicious, so we ordered two of each dish.


The first dish served was called beyaynatu, and is one of the popular Ethiopian dishes. It is composed of different types of vegetables and beans, eaten with their special fermented bread. (We had to wash our hands first, because Ethiopian food is normally eaten by hand.)

e8This one is called tibse. It’s beef cooked with special sauce and vegetables. You can add chili powder to it for more spice. Helina told us that Ethiopians don’t eat pork, because of their Orthodox Christian beliefs.

e4The last dish is called kitfo, which is originally just raw meat mixed with cheese and cabbage. Some of us were unsure of eating raw meat, so we ordered a cooked version of this as well.

e6The food all looked delicious, but we didn’t know how to eat it at first haha. So Helina showed us: just simply take a piece of bread and use it to get whichever viand you want! It’s that easy!

e5Some of our travelers enjoying Ethiopian food~~~

e3After enjoying the meal, we experienced a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony! Helina’s friend prepared the coffee right in front of us, from roasting the coffee beans to serving it in nice Ethiopian cups. Did you know that Ethiopians do this ceremony three times a day after every meal? This ceremony also symbolizes friendship and respect to visitors and friends.

e2Making real Ethiopian coffee almost took an hour to prepare! But the wait was worth it. We enjoyed this special coffee with popcorn, stories about Ethiopia, and good friends. 🙂

e1All in all, it was a fun and unique experience for all of us. Even though we didn’t actually travel to Ethiopia, it felt like we were really there because of the food, the ambience, and of course, our warm local host, Helina. 🙂

Do you want to experience Ethiopia too?

Reserve this experience in our platform! –>

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Get ready for Playplanet x Itaewon!

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What do you want to do today?

Today, we wanted to share our upcoming Itaewon project. So we went to Itaewon to visit the Global Village Center and meet some guesthouse partners. It was a really hot afternoon, and we had to do a little hiking. >.<

Check out our promotional stickers which we dropped off at the Itaewon Global Village Center!

KakaoTalk_20150616_120136136Pretty neat, huh? 🙂


Visit the Itaewon Global Village Center and get some to share with your friends~

Next, we went over to 9Road guesthouse to meet some partners. We had to climb around 100 steps to get there!

KakaoTalk_20150616_115300562But it was worth it, because the guesthouse was really nice and comfortable, just like visiting a good friend’s home.


Since it was a really hot afternoon, one of the guesthouse onni gave us a homemade drink! It’s called kahlua, a coffee-flavored liquour originally from Mexico. And she made it herself! We drank this, along with some lemon squares.

KakaoTalk_20150616_115301672Momo helping our guesthouse partner upload his tour contents. It’s very quick and easy!

KakaoTalk_20150616_115300676They really liked Playplanet’s promotional materials and were very interested in our project. 🙂

Then we dropped by Tigerhouse Guesthouse to say hi, and gave Samson our stickers. He said he’ll put it on his motorcycle right away. ^^

KakaoTalk_20150616_115301034And on the way home, we saw this picturesque sky. ~ Sigh~

All in all, it was quite a productive day. We’re really excited to show you a new side of Itaewon (together with locals, of course!)

Click here to see our upcoming tours! It’s going to be awesome! 😀

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