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Korean Halal street food Tour

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By Lina,

“Food” is one of the good way to experience the real ‘taste’ of one country. Living as a Muslim in Seoul, I’m not facing  big problem with food but food still one of the problems. For me I really enjoy Korean street food and I learned about local Korean food through my Korean friends. I keep asking them the ingredient and how they cook the food. I sometimes asks the vendors what the ingredient they use to made the foods. Don’t be surprise that we can eat lot of Korean food for Muslim too the ingredient mostly edible. Such as Tteobokki and Gimbab or even Hotteok, we can eat them all but Please be careful if some of the food might contain ham or beef , usually for Gimbap the vendors put ham and we can request one without ham or we can eat tuna gimbap too.


It will be more better to eat something when you confident about the ingredient. As in Islam also mentioned about if you not confident with the food it’s better not to eat cause it can be ‘haram’. I met many Muslim travelers and they keep complain about food as for them it’s difficult to get halal food. At the same time they also wanted to try street food but not confident with the ingredient. I was thinking to share my knowledge and info about Korean food to Muslim travelers.


Let’s experience Halal Korean street food with me! I learned about the ingredient and I went checked the market where I will bring Muslim travelers to taste street food I will bring you to one of the famous traditional local Market in Mangwon. Mangwon Market has some good eats, the product always fresh and you can’t beat the low prices anywhere else, this place not really famous among tourist compare to other market like (Gwangjang or Namdaemun) but well known among Korean. We will stroll around this Market that not only focus for street food but there’s also other section such as wet market, restaurant and clothes shop.


Through this tour , not only you enjoy street food but at the same I will show you the real local market, where you could see the real life of Korean people. The traditional market where you could see many things and local product. Not just traditional market, Myeongdong also one of the famous shopping street where you could found lot of street food. I will bring you to Myeongdong only on request 🙂



So are you ready to join my tour and taste Halal street food?! Let’s join this tour and share your travel experience with me! I also could give you lot of info about Muslim travel in Korea. Just remember! Before back to your country you should taste Korean street food first for great travel experience! See you on “Halal street food Tour”

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Noryangjin Fish Market (My First visit)

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13 Jan 2016 By Lina

As a foreigner who live in Korea, I always hunt for some good and unique activity to do. I have been to many places all over Seoul but I never been to the fish market as I know that the Noryangjin Fish market is the biggest fish market in Seoul.  We speak out our idea to all the member and here in Playplanet we have a good plan for all foreigners in Korea. We heard so many people want to go to Noryangjin but they not sure about the location and where is Noryangjin fish Market located.  We have organized an event called “Fish market 3 in 1 (Stroll, Play and eat). We will collaborate with local Korean guy to bring people to Noryangjin to see the real picture of this biggest market. As it well known as the biggest market with variety of seafood, I’m really excited before I came here. On the  day of the event participant will stroll around this market, we will play some games and our tour guide will teach us how to buy fish in Korean way, well it sounds like very interesting because it is interesting!

I’ve been to Noryangjin with another PlayPlanet member (YB) to see this wet market and recorded few video. We also met the tour guide, we talked about lot of things especially about what kind of activity that suitable for our event next week. We find the good restaurant too. For next week event we will going to taste many kind of seafood, it will be around 5 to 6 seafood dishes such as (Prawn,Crab,Octopus,Fish and oysters). As this is first time for me to be at Noryangjin. I had a good feeling that the event will going to be great. We will have a good time with all the participants. We made a short video for my first time visit to Noryangjin. Simple video with nice quality to share.  Enjoy!

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Fish Market 3 in 1 (Stroll, play & eat with local)

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isitingNew York (2)

This is the special edition for Noryangjin market. We are ready with our  primary event next week. This event will be held at Noryangjin Fish Market, the biggest wet market in Seoul. We going to do 3 things. (Stroll, Play and eat) Are you ready to join this special event?

Do you know how to order the food at local fish market? I am going to teach you how to call various fishes and give an order by Korean. Then, you are moving to fish stall and giving an order the fish by yourselves like locals. I will also give a secret tips how to enjoy Korean sashimi more delicious. Don’t afraid to try this awesome chanllege, you must feel happy with the activity as it will be fun if you bring along your friends!



Are you seafood lover? Here is Seafood Heaven!

If it swims in the ocean and it’s edible, chances are you will find it for sale here by some 700 vendors. You can see the fresh catch of the day before it ends up on the tables of restaurants throughout Seoul. Once inside, you are greeted with a cacophony of sights and smells. I will bring you to see many types of seafood that available here. For seafood lover this place must to be in your list to visit.


WiujDqX7mpjzYogrNcHCLj (1)

The olest and largest seafood market in Seoul

Korea’s market culture is vast and eclectic. The Noryangjin Fish Market, in the heart of Seoul, is truly a gem among them. It opened in 1927 and is Seoul’s oldest and largest indoor seafood market. It’s essentially an aquarium, where the sights are for sale and the fare is delicious. The official name is Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market.

[Meeting Point]

– Exit 01 of Noryangjin station (line no.1, blue line)

– Fish dishes
– Learn how to call, order and enjoy fishdishes like local people

– Transportation to Noryangjin station
– Drink

– Origin : 50,000 KRW (50 USD)
– Early bird : 40,000 KRW (40 USD)
** If you book this tour at now, you can pay as early bird price!!

Click  here to reserve your space.

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Malaysian Movie Hangout

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VisitingNew York (5)


New Year, New event

New Year will coming and we here in Playplanet will prepare a new event for you! Are you looking for something different to do during weekends? How about something unique from normal foreign meet up? Yes we make it happen! Let’s join us at our event “Malaysian movie hangout” 

We want to bring it closer to you.  Let’s get relax and spend the lovely weekend with new people and watch Malaysian movie. We will cook the food and savor it during the movie time. The movie will be the famous and great movie among Malaysian with English subtitles.

What will we cook? 

Malaysia are well known with the spicy and sweet food. In Korea Malaysian food is difficult to find but it is easy to make! We ready with 3 menu to make! We will prepare Nasi Goreng Kampung (Malay fried rice), Kek Batik and the drink will be Sirap Bandung! “Nasi Goreng Kampung” or Malay fried rice is not the typical fried rice, with little touch of spiciness and saltiness it will make the fried rice more authentic but don’t worry it wont be too spicy!

For those with a sweet tooth you will definitely would love the dessert. The drink ‘Sirap Bandung’ absolutely will make your day! Just look at the color will make you fall in love.

Why Malaysia? 

As we know nowadays there’s many Malaysian people here studying in Korea and some Korean people also want to know about Malaysian culture. Me as a Malaysian who live here, would feel so happy if many people from other country could join this  event so we could share our experience in Korea, we also have our local Korean will join us.

Have you ever wonder about my country and my culture?  then, instead of wondering? why don’t you join this event and we can share our story together. Is not only about country is more about what we learn from other culture. I also could share with you some travel tips to my country. 

Join us and enjoy on the weekend with many fun things to do. We can’t wait to meet you! ^^

Sign up now and get 10% discount for this event! 


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Try something new this weekend!

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As the colors of the leaves change in autumn, you, too should change…your typical daily life. How about doing something new this weekend? We’ve got unique local activities you and your friends can experience only here in vibrant Itaewon.

pub tour_playplanet Always hanging out at the same pub every Saturday? Always drinking the same beer? How about hanging out at FOUR different pubs, drink FOUR new beers, and experience a Halifax-style pub tour? You just might discover a new hang out place! –> http://bit.ly/1UO9ud1

night walk_playplanet Saturday dinners usually end with a full stomach and a tasty dessert or coffee. How about taking a night stroll along the Namsan mountain after having dinner with a new Korean friend? Good food + new friends + amazing night view= MEMORABLE SATURDAY NIGHT. –> http://bit.ly/1kP4nqk

kahlua making_playplanet (2)Have you tasted all the new flavors of soju? Still looking for a new kind of alcohol? We’ve got the perfect answer: KAHLUA. This coffee liquor will be your next favorite alcohol ’cause not only is it yummy, but you also get to brew a batch all by yourself! –> http://bit.ly/1MZZSs4

korean sauna_playplanetStill haven’t tried a traditional Korean sauna? Now is your chance! Take the ultimate challenge of getting scrubbed down by a Korean ahjumma or just chill out with your towel hat, boiled eggs, and Korean rice drink. Whichever you want, this will definitely be an experience to remember.–> http://bit.ly/1FeLcoW

Change the way you spend your weekends! Grab your friends and try something new for the first time. 😀

For more awesomeness, click here.

Let’s Play Planet!

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Itaewon Weekends 2.0 [Travel to North and South America!]

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Hi, guys! Thank you for supporting our first Itaewon Weekend Travels last June. It was a blast!

Now, this July, where will we head off to next?


playplanet Itaewon weekends 2.0That’s right! Let’s travel west and discover the beauty of the Americas. Here are our upcoming trips we’re sure you’d love to try!

playplanet peruImpress your friends with a new skill- playing the antara! Discover more about Peru while learning how to play one of their traditional instruments from a well-renowned Peruvian musician, Oscar Pajares. Check it out —> http://bit.ly/1IxXFE7

playplanet dreamcatcherHaving bad dreams lately? Don’t worry! Learn how to make your very own dream catcher  and attract only good dreams. 🙂

Check it out —> http://bit.ly/1IxXFE7

playplanet mexico cooking classEveryone loves Mexican food, right? They’re everywhere! But some of them aren’t the real cusina mexicana. Take a cooking class from a native Mexican and learn how to make a real juicy taco!


Check out our other awesome experiences hosted by real locals at http://www.letsplayplanet.com

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How to Organize and Share Your Own PLAYGround

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PLAYground+letsplayplanetHello PlayPlanet friends!

Do you want to show the world about your passion and doing some collaboration with like-minded friends and local community? 

Playplanet is a community of, by, and for people rocking on a journey. This platform is a playground that everybody can share authentic experiences and local wisdom with others and create social impact.

Curious how to make the collaboration? We call this ideas as “SHARE YOUR OWN PLAYGROUND”

Why We Called a PLAYGround?

Because this is the way, the channel, the medium, to connect us with more like-minded friends around the planet.

How it works? 

Let’s find out how you can do with PlayPlanet.


Simple Steps to Share Your Playground :


1. Let’s Create

Create your event @Playplanet website http://www.letsplayplanet.com and Click : Become a Host.

Got some ideas pop-up in your mind about organizing your current project, photo exhibition, talks or workshop or even share your skills with friends around you? It could be anything based on your passion. If you check our website, you can follow this steps:

1. Click become a host
2. Create and design your experience
3. Choose the meeting point

2. Let’s Organize & Promote

Let’s invite friends and organize your own schedule. Social networking is the key to promote your event. Playplanet will collaborate with you to promote your event.

3. Let’s Play

Let’s be host for your own project. Let’s build your network, make some collaboration and keep sharing your passion with PlayPlanet community. These are some check list that you might need to prepare:

During the Event :

1. Prepare your Guestbook

2. Prepare your inspiring speech

3. Prepare your local drinks/ snack/ refreshment.

4. Interactive ice breaking or ideas to make people doing casual networking.

5. Post Event

Keep in touch with your network and community is the first thing to do after you did the event. We suggest to send a thank you letter and making guest database so you can easily contact them again for your next PLAYGround event.



As an example, this upcoming Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Jude Kim – Our Playplanet friend will share his adventurous PLAYGround called COINCIDENCE 23. More than a Photo Exhibition after traveled to 23 Countries, 63 Cities, 17 Flights, 52 Buses, 4 boats and 90,500 km in 200 Days, he will share his PLAYGround about Connecting People and Places (that would be yours too).

He invites you to do something like him and open up your world for more opportunities to meet people and doing collaboration through his event.




By sharing his PLAYGround with PlaypPlanet, we co-promote the event to invite more friends and spread to the world what he is doing by open up his PLAYGround. Moreover, by sharing your PLAYGround this is also the opportunity to meet traveler friends who come to your city and give them a local experience as a local host.

Got some ideas to share? Email us : hello@letsplayplanet.com

Stay in touch. We invite everyone who wants to share their passion like him. Your PLAYGround is calling!

Let’s join and PLAY with us, book this experience here : http://www.letsplayplanet.com/ko/experience/3590979219/. Lets. Play. Planet!

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Homecoming party with How2Company & Borneo Project

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This time, playplanet joined joyful homecoming party with How2Comany !

395500_437605192974810_1621062069_n (1)

The homecoming party was held at the beautiful and cosy guest house, V-mansion located in Sangsudong, Seoul. (more about V-mansion, see http://vmansion.com/ )

V-mansion in Seoul

How2company is ‘co-creation platform of creative’ which aims to collaborate with diverse range of people to create better world together. Currently, How2company is  focusing on the web design and web platform creation.
( How2company site : http://how2company.com/ )

Co-founder of How2comany introducing the business and stories of it.

Borneo Project

In this party, playplanet introduced the new project about the Borneo Island in Indonesia , the main inhabitat of Orangutan but now in danger to be destroyed due to heavy logging and planting palm trees for palm oil instead.

Sun, founder of playplanet, introducing Borneo Project and Orangutan.

playplanet believes by sustainable tourism we can support the preservation activity going on in Borneo Island and also we could find way together to travel Borneo in eco-friendly way such as not using soap made from palm oil, also heightening the conception to preserve nature including Orangutan.

Furthermore, playplanet asked for cooperation from How2company and gathered people (who were mostly designers) to participate in promoting Borneo Project by designing Orangutan eco t-shirt or other creative ways that would be possible.

Novi, a warm copywriter from Indonesia, telling stories about her homeland.

The Last picture is with playplanet friends from Indonesia.


Let’s playplanet !