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[media]_Korean’s Emerging Sharing Economy

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‘So do you like dog?’ I’m sure my face was frozen with uncertainty as I looked at my host Sun, who sat next to me in the taxi. ‘I’ve never actually, um, tried dog…’, I said carefully. ‘Oh!’ she squealed, ‘Duck, not dog!’ We both fell back in to our seats with laughter at the miscommunication, and I knew that tonight’s experience was going to be a fun one.


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[media] Sharing markets growing among young consumers

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playplanet introduced as the sharing business! 🙂

Sharing markets growing among young consumers

By Yewon Kang
Contributing writer

“Founded by Seo Sun-mi, a 27-year-old wanderluster, a lifestyle sharing site called PlayPlanet connects tourists and visitors with locals who can offer a more authentic experience. Based

on her network of friends she made during her travels in 15 different Asian countries, she aspires to incubate it into a global platform and employs the “PlayPlanet ambassadors” in each country.Lauren Anderson , who participated in one of PlayPlanet’s events during her stay in Seoul, said she enjoyed the experience that she would never have had without the help of her host. Anderson is a community director of Collaborative Lab, a Sydney-based advocacy group of collaborative consumption.The plan that Anderson chose was having an organic meal of roasted duck in a neighborhood where the host grows vegetables in her garden, followed by an evening walk to a hill overlooking Seoul where the poet Yun Dong-ju used to write his prose.”I was beyond satisfied with food, fun and lovely conversation by the time the evening came to an end,” said Anderson in an e-mail.What was unique about this social event was that beyond food, people’s shared interests and ideas in collaborative consumption helped her connect with them more easily, she said.”
스물일곱의 자유여행가 서선미 대표(27)가 설립한 ‘플레이플래닛(’은 여행자가 그 지역의 삶을 깊이 경험할 수 있도록 여행자와 지역 주민을 연결해주는 삶 공유 플랫폼이다. ‘플레이플래닛’은 서 대표가 아시아 열 다섯 국가를 여행하였고 이러한 여행에서 만난 친구들과의 네트워크를 통해  각 나라의 ‘플레이플래닛 대사관’들을 임명함으로서 글로벌 플랫폼으로 확장해 나갈 계획이다.서울에 있는 동안 ‘플레이플래닛’의 서비스를 직접 체험해 본 로렌 앤더슨은 한국인 호스트가 아니었다면 누릴 수 없었던 특별한 경험들에 매우 만족했다고 전했다. 로렌 앤더슨은 현재 ‘협력적 소비’의 컨설팅 기업, Collaborative Lab의 ‘혁신이사’이다. 로렌이 선택한 플레이플래닛의 이벤트는 호스트가 텃밭에서 직접 가꾼 유기농샐러드와 오리고기 덮밥을 먹고, 부암동의 숨은 명소인 ‘윤동주 시인의 언덕’으로 저녁 산책을 나가는 일정이었다. 로렌은 “ 음식은 물론이거니와 밤까지 이어졌던 즐겁고 유쾌했던 대화가 정말로 만족 그 이상이었다.”고 이메일로 전했다.

또한 이번 소셜트립 이벤트가 특별했던 이유는 맛있는 음식을 함께 먹는 것을 넘어서, 서로의 공통 관심사인 ‘협력적 소비’에 대한 생각들을 나눌 수 있었기 때문에 더 쉽게 가까워질 수 있었다고 덧붙였다.

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