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How to Organize and Share Your Own PLAYGround

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PLAYground+letsplayplanetHello PlayPlanet friends!

Do you want to show the world about your passion and doing some collaboration with like-minded friends and local community? 

Playplanet is a community of, by, and for people rocking on a journey. This platform is a playground that everybody can share authentic experiences and local wisdom with others and create social impact.

Curious how to make the collaboration? We call this ideas as “SHARE YOUR OWN PLAYGROUND”

Why We Called a PLAYGround?

Because this is the way, the channel, the medium, to connect us with more like-minded friends around the planet.

How it works? 

Let’s find out how you can do with PlayPlanet.


Simple Steps to Share Your Playground :


1. Let’s Create

Create your event @Playplanet website and Click : Become a Host.

Got some ideas pop-up in your mind about organizing your current project, photo exhibition, talks or workshop or even share your skills with friends around you? It could be anything based on your passion. If you check our website, you can follow this steps:

1. Click become a host
2. Create and design your experience
3. Choose the meeting point

2. Let’s Organize & Promote

Let’s invite friends and organize your own schedule. Social networking is the key to promote your event. Playplanet will collaborate with you to promote your event.

3. Let’s Play

Let’s be host for your own project. Let’s build your network, make some collaboration and keep sharing your passion with PlayPlanet community. These are some check list that you might need to prepare:

During the Event :

1. Prepare your Guestbook

2. Prepare your inspiring speech

3. Prepare your local drinks/ snack/ refreshment.

4. Interactive ice breaking or ideas to make people doing casual networking.

5. Post Event

Keep in touch with your network and community is the first thing to do after you did the event. We suggest to send a thank you letter and making guest database so you can easily contact them again for your next PLAYGround event.



As an example, this upcoming Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Jude Kim – Our Playplanet friend will share his adventurous PLAYGround called COINCIDENCE 23. More than a Photo Exhibition after traveled to 23 Countries, 63 Cities, 17 Flights, 52 Buses, 4 boats and 90,500 km in 200 Days, he will share his PLAYGround about Connecting People and Places (that would be yours too).

He invites you to do something like him and open up your world for more opportunities to meet people and doing collaboration through his event.




By sharing his PLAYGround with PlaypPlanet, we co-promote the event to invite more friends and spread to the world what he is doing by open up his PLAYGround. Moreover, by sharing your PLAYGround this is also the opportunity to meet traveler friends who come to your city and give them a local experience as a local host.

Got some ideas to share? Email us :

Stay in touch. We invite everyone who wants to share their passion like him. Your PLAYGround is calling!

Let’s join and PLAY with us, book this experience here : Lets. Play. Planet!


2010.06.16.SAT.4PM Travel to Munllae Arts Village

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Travel to Munllae Arts Village

When l 2012.06.16.SAT.4PM
Where l @Munllae station (exit.7)
Tour Fee l 50,000won


  • Let’s meet up! Travel to Munllae Art Village

When l 2012.06.16.SAT.4PM
Where l @Munllae station(exit.7)
Tour Fee l 50,000won (including walking tour, gallery admission fee, dinner, musical performance)

  • Program

-Visit the unique village where the energy of ironwork artisans and creative artists meet
-Korean BBQ & makolli (traditional rice wine) at the Urban Rooftop Farm
-ArtMeetSound which is the chance to meet fantastic Korean indie music

Munllae Arts Village, a unique village in downtown Seoul where the energy of ironwork artisans and creative artists gather.

Art Village of Munllae is a artistic community, which has been established in the middle of the old industrial complex since 2003. When the factories were closed by a redevelopment policy, gathered into from the Hongdae area and Daehak-ro region gathered into the empty factories through some acquaintances. Currently the area is hone to approximately 100studios and 200 active artists.

The artists span a wide range of genres including visual art such as painting, installation, sculpture, design, illustration, performing arts such as dance, play, mime, street performance, traditional art and music, criticism, culture planning, scenario and natural science.

  • How we play planet?!

1. Walk
We walk! Walking, it is the best way to see the place you visit. You will meet the real people and discover the real experience on your travel.
2. Community
While walking tour, you will visit Munllae Art Village and have an experience to meet the
3. Giving
You share your walking with children who are in need of leg. While walking on the tour, you can download ‘bigwalk’ application and it automatically counts your walk. And it’s donated to the children so that they can have a leg. We imagine children’s smile and have a walking tour together with travelers who shared their walking for children in need of leg.

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Travel to Mullae Art Village (Korea)

Drawing performance (한국어)