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playplanet goes to Bangkok!

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Greetings explorer!

playplanet is expanding in Thailand and we invite you to join the playplanet party to learn more about playplanet, it’s visions and how you can participate in its exciting travel-model!

playplanet is a online platform that creates offline social impact and is for everyone that finds joy in traveling, cares for social impact and happily meets new friends! Through playplanet you can both be a traveler and a local host!

For one short evening you will have the chance to both network and meet new faces with interesting ideas as well as join the playplanet community!

W E L C O M E &
L E T ‘ S P L A Y P L A N E T !


Wanna join?

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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (3) “The nature & people”

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The Nature & People

– People living with the Nature. “The local Community & Doi Inthanon”

The next morning came ! I really had a good sleep in my cozy bed.

I’ve heard many times at school or from other sources that the nature is important to the human and we should try to preserve them.

But I couldn’t actually “feel” why the nature is important.
Our life seems so far away from the nature, driving on the asphalt and living in the apartments made of cements.

  But I heard we are going on the eco-tour together with the nature conservationist to the
Doi Inthanon, the highest mountaintop in Thailand (2,565 meters) located in Chiang Mai and also the major watershed for all central Thailand. [for more information CLICK]

And his name is P.Zack ( hope I spelled it right !)
(P.Zack in Doi Inthanon)

( He was always holding a book in his bag that was about birds living in Thailand)

And.. I think I saw this one .. maybe .. haha 

P.Zack told me the name of the bird I saw.. but I can’t really tell the difference between birds.. yet T.T

I haven’t lived in the rural area where I can feel the direct effect of the nature, but in the long run the damage of the nature surely affect us even living in the city quietly and devastatingly.

Well, apart from the environmental effect on us, I just like the nature cause I feel I’m real alive in our mother nature.

It seemed real fortunate for me that the people in the forefront with the nature sensitively feel and try hard to preserve the nature on behalf of us.

  After trekking Doi Inthanon a little, we had LUNCH at Mr.Deang, the birding centre ❤

  The food was sooooo delicious and even it was literally home-made ! I especially liked the green .. um… thing. It was adequately sweet and tasted healthy ! Umm Yummy~ my mouth starts watering again.

   Anyway, back to the point 🙂

At the birding (bird watching) centre I could see so many visitors have been here.

See all the business cards covering the whole side of wall ! @.@

After the pleasant meal and a cup of tea at the bird watching centre,

we headed to the local community,  the Phamon Village.

 After many curves and bumps on a country road 😛

and We got here !!  wow..

Look at the beautiful scenery ..

 ( Kids swinging mingled with the nature. )

With the community leaders, we playplanet shared thoughts about the sustainable travel in local communities and ways to make a beneficial impact through travel.

  For us, tourism is a mean for community development and environment conservation. Through tourism, can make a change. 

Surrounded by beautiful scenery,

  Let’s. playplanet !! 

By Song

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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (2) – “The Ob-house”

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 What means being a family?

The ‘Ob(Warm)’ House I was so lucky to meet this family. 

  This friendly decorated house is named ‘Ob-oon’, which means ‘Warm Oon‘.
P.Tap proudly told me he named this home stay ‘Ob-oon’ thinking his baby son, Oon. Maybe wishing his son to grow warm with loving heart in this house.

 As the name says, the house was so warmly atmosphere and so was the family indeed.

His brother, P.Top was doing his arts (pottery) in the studio at the right back of the house and P.Tap was a really good cook. The family welcomed visitors with open heart. I could really feel it and soon got relieved in this new surroundings. 

We cooked our dinner together (I was taught how to cook Thai food! 😉 ) and had it with other guests sharing one another’s dreams and stories. 

(This is what we cooked 🙂 ! )

Thanks to our host, we could meet many artistic friends of him and all the interesting souls visiting the house. P.Tap called this gathering night with beer, “Oh, It’s my Life~”, one of the greatest joy in his life.

It was very impressive to me that every one of the families pursuing their own life so great and even supporting each others living harmoniously. The brother,P.Top is doing pottery, and he is cooking welcoming visitors spreading love with his son at his warm house, even enjoying every night with awesome friends.

Had wonderful time resting and learning different world at this house.
Surely the world was wide and worth traveling.
and I really miss people there.

Ah! I even got a nickname by them as well ! It is “ChingChok” bc I loved Chingchok moving on the wall that was so small and lovely !
(It was my first time to see it ! so amazed. We don’t have chingchok in Korea.)

The last pic is the chingchok 😉

<The Thai posting to be continued  –  ” Let’s playplanet ! ” >


 By Song

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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (1)


Hello 😉 I’m an Angel of the playplanet!
also an university student in Korea, so nice to meet you!!

Don’t get me wrong cause I’m not that narcissistic enough to call myself ‘Angel’, but “people” call me angel as an assistant of playplanet and ..well.. I kind of like that name! heehee .

Anyway,  I flew from Korea to Chiangmai of Thailand ( as skipping my class *0*).

The Flight landed in Chiangmai and went to the cozy, nicely equipped homestay 🙂 so warmly greeting ..  and also FOOD!! greeted me !! Yum yummy ❤
(P.Tap, our homestay host cooked specially for me T.T so thankfully ..)

The last photo is Thai Starbucks ! 

I was quite impressed by the Thai version Starbucks! Unique Thai-style color, interior and space utilization! totally different from Korean Starbucks. .. and pretty 🙂 !!

This place was around the Chiang Mai university, so I could see many students studying hard .. oh.. which contrasted to my situation.. (me skipping class and coming to Thailiand haha T.T )

The real travel stories will begin in the next post ! I haven’t written yet, but stay tuned!??!!  coming soon ~ !


by. Song