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Moraenae Market mission tour [First tour operation]

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When we talk about Korea, we imagine the modern city and technology but for me when it comes to Korea, the traditional side more fun to explore. Have you imagine to visit the traditional market in Korea? This is the right timing to experience it with us!

Last week was the first operation of Moraenae market mission tour, this market is located in Incheon. We gather all 20 travelers. All of them said it was their first time to visit traditional market in Korea. For me I could say Moraenae market are like other market in Seoul but the food was too amazing and they also have their local signature foods, also famous with Nengmyeon (Cold noodle).

From Hongdae we have our private bus directly to Moraenae market, the journey took around 40 minutes and when we arrived at the market, we went to the Moraenae office to meet the director and also to play some games. We played “yutnori”Korea traditional games to decide with team will going to start first. We also pick the team randomly.


The winner of yutnori games could start the mission early 5 minutes than other group, the first mission is to buy some traditional food and find some stationery. I also need to follow the group to help them complete the mission. I was so happy to see our travelers bravely asked local people and asking their help in order to complete the mission. I could see the good communication between two side, even our travelers cannot speak Korean very well and local people also cannot speak English very well but they still fine use the body language.



After complete the mission, we have free time around 1 hour to explore the Moraenae market. We enjoyed explored the whole market, took lot of pictures and ate lots of local food. I had been to many local market in Seoul but I could say that Moraenae has their own trademark and good environment, this market like a main market in Incheon. I would like to suggest this market  to everyone who would like to explore Incheon.



After Moraenae market, we also got a chance to explore Incheon area then the next destination we went to Sudoguksan Museum of housing and living. This museum It exhibits reproductions of various scenes of daily life from the 1960s and 1970s of Korea. This museum is one of attraction of Incheon and personally I really enjoy inside, this museum really flash back the old memories of living in the past, the house design, the display absolutely look real and classic. Visited this museum, I could memorized some of my childhood memories.



The last stop of this exploration is G-Tower, probably my favorite highlight, we enjoy the sunset at G-Tower. It was so amazing to see the sunset. After the mission, can’t believe we could enjoy many things in Incheon, all travelers seems really satisfied with the tour and also same goes to me.


After experience several places, it really change my perception of Incheon, because when we talk about Incheon, we only imagine airport or chinatown but Incheon are beyond than that! Many good places to explore and experience. What you waiting for? Let’s join us and enjoy explore Incheon. Let’s play Incheon!



Explore Incheon! [Moraenae Traditional Market Mission Tour]

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Have you ever imagine to visit traditional market and play some games with local people? One of the amazing way to explore Korea is to enjoy the traditional market. Traditional markets in Korea offer a variety of unique scenes every day.

For this tour, we will visit Moraenae market located in Incheon. When we talk about Incheon is not only and airport and Chinatown but Incheon is beyond than that. We would like to bring you to explore the unseen beauty of Incheon. The Moraenae Market provides fresh agricultural products at low prices. therefore, the market is popular among not only local people but also tourists mesmerized by the atmosphere and kindness of a traditional outdoor market.


Let’s do some mission in Moraenae Market! Let’s talk and communicate with local people. With us you will get  a chance to explore the traditional market and try some games  to complete your mission!

What’s your mission?

1. Find the local traditional food 

We will give you the first mission card with some pictures, all you need to do is to search where you can get the food. There’s lots of stall in Moraenae and it will be your first mission to try find it and buy! This time you need lot of communication with local people because they know well. This is the right time to show your Korean language skill too 🙂

2. Find the local snacks 

Moraenae also well know as the market which produce lot of local small brand, they support local vendor to promote their own products, through this mission you will experience to taste local snacks, the sweet and tasty Korean snacks will give you good taste that you will never forget. Make sure to find the right local vendor! To complete the mission you also required to upload some photo on your Facebook or Instagram!


What will you experience 

1. Taste the local food in local Restaurant 

Local food will be more superb when you really enjoy it in the local Restaurant. We will bring you to the local Restaurant and enjoy the food that hand made from local people. Real Korean authentic food. Also in Moraenae really famous with the cold noodle (Nengmyeon) Can you imagine the taste? 🙂


2. Meet the local children in community center

We use the term of local children because we believe that meaning is belong to next generation, the kids that grew up in that area. You will get the chance to meet them. Let’s  share your warm heart with local children and teach them your language. Take some pictures with them and celebrate the happiness with them! 🙂

3. Explore Incheon! 

Let’s explore the hidden side of Incheon, not only airport but there’s many nice cool spot around that area that will shift your imagination about Incheon. It’s too long to listed but we could give the hint! We will bring to the famous cafe, park and one of the amusement park that famous among Korean, at that place also you can enjoy the view of Incheon 🙂



Through this tour you will not only explore one place but it cover the whole area of Incheon, maybe after join this tour you will call yourself “Incheon Master”. Our goals for this tour is to show to travelers how to enjoy Korea in different way and how to travel will local, enjoy local area and food. Move away the typical tourist area, let’s explore and be extraordinary. Are you ready?

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Let’s experience the Running Man challenge at Yangpyeong

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Are you a big fan of Running Man? Have you ever imagine yourself playing Running Man games? Let’s experience the Running Man vibes in Yangpyeong. Follow us to experience the game in the Running Man! Instead of just watch on TV, why don’t you join this experience together with us. Let’s complete the mission together  :

  • Let’s complete all the challenges to be “Running man” champion
  • Exciting Local activities (Canoe Racing, Picking Fresh and Sweet Strawberry)
  • Enjoy natural scenery including mountain, lake and forest
Enjoy the long train riding

From Seoul, we will take the train to Yangpyeong and it takes 1-1.5 hours journey. This is  going to be nice experience travel to countryside by train. This trip is totally different from other trip. This activity will give you experience of canoeing, Picking fresh strawberry and explore Yangpyeong.  You need to show your capabilities and competitive spirit in an isolated area. Cooperation with other travelers is also an important key to solve the challenges. A secret prize is waiting for travelers who will solve all the challenges.

Lina and Tuti enjoy strawberry picking 
Strawberry farm challenge .
9 복사본.jpg
Enjoy your strawberry after you pluck it! 

If you never try ride on canoe before, you must be feel excited to try on this activity. While canoeing, you can

enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village and farm. . It has natural scenery including mountains, rivers and lakes. And, Korean local activities which you have watched in movies and dramas can also be found here. If you still have free time after this tour, you can visit many drama and movie filming sites.

Canoeing at the lake
Countryside really look nice and calm 

After canoeing, we will start our running mission here! We will provide you Running man tshirt with the name tag with your name on it. The mission will not be as difficult as in the real Running man program but there’s also physical challenge and mind game challenge.

Write on your own Korean name
ready to stick the name tag at the back.
Rock, scissors, paper
It was really nice experience with other travelers too!
We are Running Man champion~ 😀

If you really enjoy watching Running Man, You should come and join us for this unique activity. Is it sounds interesting?! Let’s join us now!

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Korean Dessert cafe Tour (Bingsu Hopping)

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If you have a sweet tooth, I’m sure you will excited to hear this experiences. There’s lot of Cafe in Seoul and each cafe usually had their own signature dessert. In Korea one of the famous dessert people love to eat is “Pat bingsu” or Korean shaved ice. Patbingsu used to be the traditional dessert but now there’s many type of bingsu with many flavor available. I lead my family to enjoy one of the Playplanet unique experience which is ‘Dessert cafe Tour’  Through this experience you can explore and taste Bingsu from many Cafe in Seoul.

Sulbing cafe Design
Mamang Gateau Cafe in Hapjeong

The first stop we went to Sulbing. Sulbing is the most famous bingsu cafe in Seoul. I ordered 2 bowl of bingsu, Redbean and blueberry flavor. After the big dinner we had before, enjoying shaved ice absolutely the best decision. My mom really love dessert and she looks so happy eating the bingsu

Waiting the Bingsu to be prepare
Red bean and Blueberry Bingsu
Full set of Bingsu!

After Sulbing, we went to Hapjeong area to taste the caramel Bingsu at Mamang Gateau  cafe. The bingsu not really sweet as the bingsu at Sulbing, the taste of the caramel just perfect, This cafe is really famous among local people but not tourist. For me I want to bring them to really local cafe and area so that they can taste the real taste of Korean dessert.

Caramel Bingsu

After enjoyed eating many flavor of Bingsu, we cool down our stomach with hot coffee. I asked my family what they  thought about the bingsu, and they said they really liked it. The taste of the shaved ice totally different from the one in my country.    The cafe also not the typical cafe for them, they enjoy the dessert and the decoration in the cafe also. I hope I could bring many travelers to experience this unique experience while in Seoul. Is it sounds interesting to join? let’s join me and explore many unique cafe in Seoul. I will bring you enjoy Korean dessert too. Reserve your space here!

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Korean Halal Street Food Tour experience


I’m Lina, the local host for halal street food tour in Seoul, as my family coming to Korea, I had planned lot of things for them to enjoy and explore Korea. When it comes to food, my mom not really fussy about food as long as it is halal, she will enjoy it. I asked them at which area they wanted to try street food? they said Myeongdong so I brought them to Myeongdong or well known as cosmetic heaven with variety of street food.

Start Food Tour in Myeongdong
I’m sure they excited! 😀

In Myeongdong, there’s lot of street food but most of them not really halal except for some foods. It must be difficult for tourist to ask the vendors about the ingredients  as the tourist cannot speak Korean however some vendors can speak English a bit. For me I’m not facing any big problem looking for halal food as I already knew which stall is suitable for Muslims, I already explored halal street around Myeongdong area.

The egg bread!
Korean traditional snack (Hotteok)
Tornado Potato seems extraordinary!

When we arrived in Myeongdong, the road not really crowded probably because it was on weekday so this area less tourists. I brought my sister enjoy few street food such as, egg bread,tornado potato, fried shrimp, hotteok and butter squid. All this foods, you can found anywhere in Myeongdong but just be careful as some of the store selling other ingredient too.If you travel to Korea, you should try the street food then I believe, you will fall in love with the taste of the food.

Seems like they already full after eating lot of delicious street food!
Are you ready for the next food?!

Have you heard about Tteobokki? Yes famos spicy rice cake in Korea. Many travelers and also Muslim travelers, wanted to try spicy rice cake but feel afraid about the ingredient. With me they don’t have to worry as I will bring them to Sindang the tteobokki town. This Restaurant sell the best tteobokki in this area plus is halal because the restaurant not serve any meat or pork and other prohibited ingredient. This restaurant also famous among Muslim travelers and people keep mentions about in on the blog. I brought my family here to have dinner.

Eating tteobokki at one of the best tteobokki restaurant in this area.
Waiting the tteobokki to cook.

I felt happy brought my family joined this food tour as I wanted to show and bring many Muslim travelers to try Korean street food halal way. You can choose where to enjoy your street food as Myeongdong sometimes a bit crowded, I always bring other travelers to

Happy eating with my family

You want me to be your local host for ‘Korean halal street food tour’? Book your experience here! 

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Where can you get with 5 dollar budget meal in Korea

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Travel to Korea just super easy when you have nice plan and good budget, however how to survive with 5 Dollar budget meals in Korea? Here the answer :

  1. Convenience store

Don’t be surprise when I tell you that with 5 dollar you can get 2 times meals.  Depends on the meals and what so surprise the food really nice portion and can make you  full and satisfied. The food could be Kimbap (Rice roll)  the rice roll that available with many flavor such as “Bulgogi, Kimchi, tuna and many more” or Samgak-Kimbap (triangle rice) covered with dry seaweed but then if you feel not enough and you need the real lunch, you can buy the lunch box. Yes there’s lunch box  selling at convenience store with rice and few side dishes, chicken or beef. Even you can get hot dog and fish cake. Basically enjoy the lunch at convenience store might be the new experience for you in Korea plus there’s hot water and microwave in the convenience store, you can relish your lunch without to worry much about the price. Enjoy dine  as much as you can. For the convenience store the average price  around 800 won to 4500 (70 cent – 4 dollar) From samgak-kimbab to lunch box

For Muslim Travelers : You still can enjoy the samgak-kimbab with Tuna or kimchi filling.

Enjoy the instant noodle
캡처 1
Samgak-Kimbab(Triangle Kimbab)

2. Korean Traditional  Market 

When we talk about low-cost food, the traditional market in Korea offers lot of food and local ingredient, the seller  usually senior citizen and selling handmade food,sometimes it is better than restaurant and fast food chain. There’s lot of traditional market in Korea but the famous one probably  “Gwangjang market, Mangwon market and Namdaemun market.  With variety of food in the market you can enjoy noodles or rice below 5 dollar. There’s also famous noodle soup in Mangwon market, the price only 3 dollar with really huge portion. What make it special is the homemade food and fresh product they sell to people. You also will found they selling doughnut 3 for 1 dollar, is it interesting?  obviously  with 5 dollar, pretty sure you can get alot! The price of noodles and rice around (3500-5500) (3- 5dollar)

3 dollar meal be like..  Too amazing
Korean doughnut~ Yummy!

3. Noryangjin market area

Have you heard about Noryangjin? yeah well known with the fish market, In Noryangjing there’s located many institution and academy in that neighborhood.  Since that area a bit crowded and many students, the hawker selling competitive price food.  Even the lunch box and the bibimbap affordable for the student to buy. Noryangjin area very easy to access and one of the famous places in Seoul among local. The normal lunch box you can deal at Noryangjin is around (2500= 5000) 2-5 dollar.

Not a very simple food 🙂
Pick one your lunch!

4. Street Food 

 Korean street food more authentic and easy to get, if you see many stall on the street and there’s where you could found the street food. Korean signature street food such as tteobokki, sundae, fish cake and Korean dumpling, very common among travelers and Korean people, even some Korean people prefer  street food more than  restaurant. The price reasonable  and the vibe totally Korean style. If you traveling to Korea, you must try the street food to complete your trip experience. The price usually around (500- 4000 won ) (30 cent – 4 dollar) from fish cake to Tteobokki.

Famous Korean street food

5. University area 

One of the alternative to hunt the good food around Seoul is the University area. not only around that area you also can go inside the University and enjoy your time eating at the canteen. Since there’s lot of student around University area, the vendor also consider to put the price and of course is inexpensive. There’s many restaurant around University area and the food, pretty good too! You can but noodle or rice and variety of menu available, but for student they usually share the money so that they can order nice food instead of separate one by one. Reasonable price usually around ( 4000- 7000 won ) ( 3-6 dollar)

Look tasty!
Food around Ewha Women Univeristy

So don’t worry if you only have 5 dollar for food budget per day, you still can survive in Korea. Don’t afraid to explore many good and cheap restaurant around Seoul. You will find something new there!

Book your Halal Street Food Tour here!

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Time travel to unique island, Gyodong.

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Gyodong island is_

Where you can see the North Korea with the naked eye

Gyodong island is the northernmost island in South Korea. It is located within the civilian access control line and about two kilometers away to the border of North Korea. From this place you could see Hwanghae Province, you will also could see the province from the top of the mountain. However, not all people are allow to enter Gyodong island. So let’s be of the lucky traveller with me.

Where the time stopped

Gyodong island is surrounded with atmosphere of 70s of South Korea. ‘Daeryong Market(대룡시장)’ is the best place to go to experience the old-time of Korea. There’s a old barber shop that already 50 years old, some buildings from the Japanese colonial era and oldest traditional school are located there. Some of the owners of old stores are those who left their home during the Korean war. Luckily with lots of uniqueness, many photographers visit this place for special art works.

2013.3.9/¼®¸ðµµ °¡´Â ¹è/º¯¼±±¸

Where is surround by fertile nature

Gyodong island has natural landscape which has been untouched for 50 years. Because this is within the civilian access control line after Korean war. You can enjoy beautiful landscape mix of mountain, field and sea. Gyodong used to be barren island and was easy to flooded with sea water, but the local residents have worked hard to turn the area into rice paddies. Currently, Gyodong boasts the biggest rice paddle per person.


Are you  interested to take  a trip to this unique island?   Click here to book our travel experience to Gyodong Island with our local host!

*Read also article from ‘Korea Joongang Daily’ about Gyodong island, You will understand more without hesitate 🙂


How to Book our Travel Experience

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Hello, Playplanet Travelers!

Here’s a quick infographic we made to help you EXPLORE, BOOK, and TRAVEL with locals!

[PP] Booking infographicSome Tips:

  1. Try to upload your profile picture after making an account. This will help local hosts identify you during your travels, and makes your account more interesting!
  2. After clicking the ‘Reserve’ button, you will be taken to a new page where you can see your travel reservation details. Don’t forget to scroll down and choose a mode of payment! Your reservation won’t be counted unless you pay via Paypal, online credit card, or Korean bank deposit.
  3. Always check your email for any messages or notifications sent by your local host so you won’t miss anything!

If you have any additional questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints (we hope not!), feel free to send us an email at

Start traveling with locals today!

Let’s Play Planet!

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Travel with Playplanet! [Request an Experience]

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Are you planning your next awesome travel?

How about traveling with locals?

Travel with Playplanet!

design your dream experience_playplanet

We’re here to help you design your own dream travel experience. Wherever you go- Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, or Korea, you can experience deeper and more authentic travel experiences with locals. We won’t bring you to tourist spots and landmarks. Instead, we will create a travel itinerary that helps you see, hear, taste, and feel local daily life. What’s more, these experiences are tailor-fitted to your hobbies and interests. We want to make sure you get to enjoy what you do with locals. 🙂

For example, if you’re traveling in Korea, here are some of our recommended local travels!

Cooking with a Korean Mom


Have a cooking class in a Hanok (traditional Korean house) with a friendly Korean mom! She enjoys cooking and meeting foreigners. She speaks English well too! Instead of having lunch at a random Korean restaurant (where you can’t even read the menu!), why don’t you share a meal with her (and her adorable son) instead? Click here to book her experience~

Shop with a Local Friend

souvenir playlpanetDon’t know which souvenirs to buy?  Where are the real Korean-made products? Let a local guide you into finding the most authentic souvenirs in town.

hanbok palyplanetAfter souvenir-shopping, why not try wearing the Hanbok (Korea’s traditional clothes)? This makes for an awesome travel memory! If you’re coming to Seoul, book this experience!

Meet a Korean Family

KakaoTalk_20151030_155959629Discover the life of an urban Korean family! Our local host family are musicians, travelers, and teachers. You can listen to their outdoor musical performance and have a meal with them at their humble home after. They also have 2 adorable children who would love to play with you!


After eating, they’ll bring you around their hometown, Hapjeong, where there are a lot of stylish shops and cafes. Let’s live the urban life! Click here to travel with them~

We also help you create your own dream travels in other countries in Asia! Here’s how:

  1. Head on to our website
  2. Click ‘Request an Experience‘.
  3. Fill out the form and send.

It’s that easy! We’ll use your details and interests to create the best local travel experience for you. Give it a try and get ready for an awesome journey! 😀

travel with locals playplanet

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[Upcoming Local Travel] Mini-Diwali House Party!

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Let’s celebrate the Diwali Lights Festival here in Seoul!


Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It means festival of lights, and Indians celebrate it with candles, food, and music. This coming Saturday, November 07, from 5~9 PM, we’re going to experience this bright festival right here in Seoul!

Our Indian local host, Nistha, has been living in Korea for around 2 years, and runs a popular Indian cooking class in Seoul. She enjoys meeting new people and helping them cherish Indian food. This mini-Diwali house party was her idea, and we’re really excited about the lights, food, and music! Here’s a preview of what’s coming up:

diwali candles playplanet

First, we will be helping Nistha decorate her home with many candles, Christmas lights, and Diwali decorations. This will surely build up the excitement for the party!

diwali food playplanetThen, here comes the tasty part! Nistha will guide us into a mini-cooking class where we will be making Indian snacks and dishes usually eaten during Diwali. Indian food is not just about curry, you know! 😉

diwali friends playplanetOnce all the preparations have been done, it’s time to celebrate and have fun! While sharing a meal, we will also be listening to Indian music and maybe learn a simple dance or two. Nistha will also talk more about Diwali customs and traditions, and about Indian culture. If you’re planning to travel to India, this would be a great time to ask for secret travel tips from a real local! 😉

So, don’t miss this special event! If you want to join us (you really should!), please click on this link to reserve your slot. Remember, there are only limited slots left~

Why don’t you do something new this weekend?

Let’s light up our spirits with Diwali!

Let’s Play Planet!